March 2021’s Intention

Simplicity and Fun in 2021

Brushstrokes of Fire

I took the above photograph on a recent walk. Sometimes the colours in the sky conspire to stop me in my tracks.

February’s intention not to purchase clothes has been easy so far. I have plenty of clothes and limited wardrobe space; so maybe that is why. However, I like that my clothes will fulfil their life cycles.

2021’s theme is: Simplicity and Fun in 2021. Fun used to be an integral part of my life. I had most of my fun in the company of friends and family members. The current lockdown and more isolated life make it harder to have fun.

In March, I will do something fun every day. I’m going to write a silly rhyme every day just for fun, watch some comedy and read comic fiction for a change (I usually read from writers who are mining the soul for meaning).

March’s intention and new habit is to have fun every day. I never had to be so conscious about having fun before but I have noticed a slow erosion of fun in my life over the past few years. No doubt, sad life events have a way of weighing us down and can push out our lighter parts. Yet, I believe our lighter parts carry us through life. It is fun for the sake of fun that gives texture to the days.

I was going to call this blog Late to the Party. I cannot be relied upon for cutting-edge intel but I am enjoying re-sniffing some reliable laughter sources.

Have you ever ‘sent a text to the person that the text was about?’ David O’Doherty nails it in this oldie but goodie.

These days, I have the concentration span of a gnat when it comes to reading but when I obey the homing pigeon on my shoulder, I read Rachel’s Holiday.

I look forward to being able to throw my head back in laughter with those close to me again but until then, I will dedicate some time to seeking out fun with my pen, my mouse and my eyes.

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